Fast Is a Choice, Part One

“No pain, no gain,” right? Wrong. Or at least not how we typically think of that phrase. I often tell my sons: “fast is a choice.” If you want to be “fast” (whatever that means to you), hard work is definitely required; but becoming “fast” is more than just working hard. In fact, for many… Continue reading Fast Is a Choice, Part One

Goals and Motivation, Part 1

Process Goals & Growth Mindset Today’s student-athletes (at least in the Salt Lake City School District) are well-versed in terms like “growth mindset” and “process goals.” I certainly understand a racer’s frustration when their race result is not quite what they hoped, but I think having process goals and a growth mindset are good frameworks… Continue reading Goals and Motivation, Part 1

Off-season for a NICA Student-athlete

Congratulations on an amazing season! First and foremost, you exceeded my expectations this year, whether that was completing a hard practice, completing a race, or standing on a podium.  You had positive attitudes, showed resilience, demonstrated strength of character, and improved greatly. Compare where you are today to where you were at our first practice… Continue reading Off-season for a NICA Student-athlete

Training Resources

The first step in becoming a better cyclist in any discipline is to do the right kind of training at the right time. Worn-out clichés like “no pain no gain” are relics best forgotten (at least insofar as they imply that all riding should be hard). Before we start with incorporating structure, it’s important to… Continue reading Training Resources

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